• Pro Plate

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    The Pro Plate exceeds Level III standards and is capable of stopping 148 grain 7.62mm at a velocity of 2750 fps. The Pro Plate can be used as a front or back plate and will fit inside most standard plate carriers.  This plate comes standard with a 9/16" body curve for ergonomic fit, and tappers at all corners for "shooters cut" movement and shouldering. The plate features a new more advanced coating called Arma Coating which is used on the bottom of MRAP military vehicles to control shrapnel.  This coating has been tested effective at encapsulating 99% of bullet fragments from up to 15 rounds of Steel Core 5.56 at only 15ft!  We don't offer "Base Coats" or "Build Up Coats" because all of our armor receives a full 200 mil coating. Our standard coating is the same thickness as other company's "Build-Up Coats".  

    Watch Steel Core 5.56 test video HERE

    Watch 5 round Steel Core 5.56 test video HERE

    Watch 7.62x39 test video HERE


    124 Grain 9mm FMJ & SHP @ 10ft  

     55 Grain FMJ 5.56 @ 30ft 

     62 Grain Steel Core 5.56 LAP (Green Tip) @ 15ft 

     123 Grain Lead Core 7.62x39 @ 15ft  

     148 Grain Lead Core 7.62x51 (.308) @ 50ft


    10" x 12" Pro Plate, FULL Ballistic Coating, AR-500 Steel Panel, Finished thickness of ~9/16" 

    ​Weight: 8.3lbs per plate

    Rating: III+ (exceeds NIJ Level III)

    Coating Specs: New "Arma Coat" - Strikeface ~200 mils, Backside ~63 mils