Steel Ops is proud to be a Colorado based manufacturer of high quality Body Armor and Target Systems. We pride ourselves on providing you with reliable products backed by industry leading customer service. 

Steel Ops Advantage

Using only AR-550 Steel in our a targets increases lifespan by 20%-30%, and the patented design allows the target to be set-up in mere seconds. These targets allow you to spend more time training and less time setting up. There is simply no other steel target system on the market that compares to the simplicity, reliability, and durability of Steel Ops targets. As of January 1st 2018 all Steel Ops Level III+ Body Armor is made with industry leading ISO Certified AR-600 steel. Each plate comes with a FULL ballistic anti-fragmentation coating. We do not sell cheap base coats or make you pay more for "build-up coats".  We believe every plate should have the best coating available.  All plates come with a full 200 mil ballistic coating which is the same thickness as other company's "build-up coat". This coating has been exhaustively tested and proven effective at encapsulating 99.9% of projectile fragments. We also test the quality of our steel prior to processing through an ISO Certified Lab. This testing ensures that all armor meets the hardness and protection level required, and that there is never a bad batch or recall. The industry is riddled with companies who only have their own interests in mind.  At Steel Ops we don't try to scam you into buying more than you need.  We also don't try to trick you into buying less so that you'll come back for more. We're here simply to provide you with proven and reliable products at a great price. No games, no gimmicks, just great products backed by industry leading customer service.  Trust a brand that has stood the test of some of the industry's toughest critics:

Steel Ops is more than a manufacturer. We're a partner that you can depend on to help you Prepare, Protect, and Prevail.