Wednesday 7/8/20 13:12 MST 

Armis Plates are sold out...again.  XP, Pros, Sides, and PD's are still in stock but quantities are limited. Next batch is scheduled for completion between July 27th and 30th. Please check back for more updates as we get closer.  Thank you for your continued support and cooperation during this busy time.  
If an item shows out of stock you will need to wait until more inventory is available. Our apologies for any inconvenience.  Any item shown in-stock will ship right away, there is no lead time.  For discount requests please see the info at the very bottom of this page and contact us prior to ordering, discounts cannot be applied after a purchase has been processed, refunds will have processing fees deducted.  Get the latest updates by clicking the blue social media tabs below!

Steel Ops Advantage

TARGETS: Our patented target designs have become a favorite among some of the top instructors in the US. These systems are used by law enforcement, military, and training academies for their simplicity and ability to handle years of use.  Using only AR-550 Steel in our a targets increases lifespan by 20%-30%. Our unique design allows the target to be set-up in mere seconds with less parts and no tools giving you more time to train and less time needed to set up or change drills.  There are no other steel target systems on the market that are as versatile, realistic, and durable. 

BODY ARMOR:  Steel Ops Level III+ Body Armor is made with NIJ Certified 5mm Aegis Military Grade AR-600 steel.  Each plate comes with a full layer of our industry leading anti-fragmentation coating.  This coating has been shown to be capable of encapsulating up to 4000 grains of ammunition on one plate.  We do not sell base coats or make you pay more for "build-up coats".  We believe every plate should be the best we can offer and each plates comes with a full 200 mil ballistic coating which is the same thickness as the "build-up" coat from other companies.  We also test the quality of our steel prior to processing through an independent ISO Certified Lab.  This testing ensures that all armor meets the protection level required and that there is never a bad batch or recall. Stopping the bullet is only half the battle, the priority is getting home.  Our armor enables you to not only stay in the fight, but guarantees you have the best chance to win.    

ETHICS: At Steel Ops we pride ourselves on a realistic and honest approach to business. We don't trick you into buying more than you need.  We don't make claims that aren't backed up with verifiable video proof.  We don't take your money and wait 8-10 weeks to deliver your product.  We'll never blur the line between what our products can and cannot do.  Bottom line, if our products aren't the right fit for you we'll be the first ones to tell you.  Integrity is our most important quality and we put that into every sale, phone call, and product.  Our goal is simply to provide the industry with proven and reliable products at a great price.  No games, no gimmicks, just great products and customer service.  Trust a brand that has withstood testing by of some of the industry's toughest critics.  Steel Ops exists so that you can prepare, protect, and prevail. 


Military, Veteran, LE, FD, EMT, & Private Security Contractor Discounts available.
Please email a copy of one of the following as it applies to you:
 CAC (Barcode covered), DD-214 (SSN covered) OR Veteran ID Card, Agency/Dept ID.  For private security contractors please send a PDF of your current contract/assignment and Proof of Employment (Badge, Paystub, or HR verification) to steelops@live.com in order to receive your coupon code.  Please do NOT send Drivers Licenses, FFLs, or Social Security Cards.  

Prepare, Protect, and Prevail.