About Steel Ops Ltd:

Founded in 2013, Steel Ops made a swift rise in the firearms industry by priding itself on meeting a single overall goal:

"To provide the industry with high quality, affordable, and innovative products that help any user prepare, protect, and prevail in any climate, terrain, or platform with dependable efficiency and effectiveness."

We maintain this goal with every product we release and provide industry leading customer service behind every sale. We manufacture all of our products using high quality american materials and assemble each product by hand in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Our experience based target designs improve the way you train and increase efficiency at the range. Our armor solutions provide real life protection against modern day threats. Stopping the bullet is only half the objective, success is the end goal. A user must be able to take a hit and still carry out their mission.  We are honored that our armor is actively protecting Peace Officers, Soldiers, Military Contractors, and American Citizens across the globe.  Our target systems have been used and endorsed by some of the worlds leading experts and instructors.  This did not happen over night, our products and partnerships have been forged thru years of experience, research, and developement.  We don't believe in corporations, we believe in partnerships.  When you choose Steel Ops we are your partner.  We exist so that you are able to prepare, protect, and prevail.

CAGE Code: 9BGK9

"High quality targets and awesome customer service"

​​Ziga Polenjar - Polenar Tactical​​

"We use [Steel Ops] targets religiously, they are simply great, you see them taking constant beating in our videos. Enough said." 

Robski - AK Operators Union

"We currently all run AR500 Armor Co. plates in our vests, however after seeing the results we will all be switching over to Steel Ops Armor plates. Very impressive to say the least"

Kerry H. - DH Armor 

"Steel Ops makes tough targets that stand up to abuse. [these] targets set up literally in less than a minute... We see hundreds of thousands of rounds go downrange every year, and with a dash of spray paint the targets are like new." 

Reid Henrichs - President, Valor Ridge 

"I am extremely pleased with Steel Ops and the products they provide. I currently run two [armor] plates in my vest. The weight is hardly noticed and it doesn't effect my shooting either. The staff is a pleasure to work with, and were very flexible with my changing schedule."

John C. - W.C. Sheriff's Office