• 9mm - 124gr JHP Ammunition - 50 Round Box

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    50 Round Box - 9mm Luger - 124gr - Multi-Purpose Round

    This round features a 124 grain copper jacketed hollo point projectile, a 4gr load of powder (+/- .05gr), CCI Primers, and the innovative Shell Shock Tech two piece NAS3 casing, and a muzzle velocity of ~1050fps form standard length barrels.  We designed this round to bridge the gap between defensive ammo and training ammo.  This round allows you train with loads similar to what you'll likely be using for defense while maintaining a price that still enables it to be used for practice should cheaper ammo become unavailable.  It also loaded so that it can be used for defensive ammo in most modern weapons with reliable and lethal performance.   The casing features a Nickle Plated Solid Aircraft Aluminum Base and a Nickle Alloy Stainless Cylinder. This is similar to the military's new 6.8x51 Fury design. This makes the round substantially lighter than brass and the oversized primer port allows for increased powder burn and reliable detonation. The crimp between the two parts has been tested beyond the load limits of even the most well made firearms and the only thing more unique than its appearance is its strength.  These cases are capable of being reloaded up to 30 times vs brass which in some cases can only be reloaded as little as 4 times.  The Nickle coating allows for smooth and reliable function thru your firearms without unnecessary wear on feed ramps, chambers, or extractors.  Each round is assembled in-house using machines that check every stage of manufacturing to ensure you have a safe and reliable product.  

    For Reloading: Due to the strength of the casing Shell Shock Tech recommends using dies specifically designed to handle the stronger material.  Standard dies may not provide an adequate flare compared to brass and may require added force upon extraction. The recommended dies are available from S3 Reloading and are compatible with all reloading presses. These dies simply have hardened steel components and a spring actuator on the end to assist with the die's extraction from the casing.  As of June 2021 the set of dies was ~$80.00, please contact their website for actual pricing.  More information about the NAS3 casings including pressures and strengths can be found by clicking here.       

    Video below feature the 115gr line of SOAmmunition, not the ammo listed on this page. 

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