• BD-1 Training Breaching Door


    The BD-1 is the perfect training tool for law enforcement, fire departments, or training academies.  It allows your team to practice proper door breaching techniques and coordination while presenting a realistic and accurate representation of the challenges presented in real world scenarios. The door sits on a 4'x4' steel base for stability and stands tall enough so that standard door blanks can be used without having to cut the door to fit.  The BD-1 has heavy duty casters so that one person can manually move the door into position. The frame is built from heavy duty steel channel that has handles placed throughout for easy movement and transportation of the frame. It includes breaching plates that you will mount to any wooden door blank (not included), so that tools and rams to not damage the door. The breaching points are reinforced with additional steel so that tools and bars do not damage the frame. The heavy duty hinges ensure that the BD-1 will last for hours of repeated use. The BD-1 functions by simply mounting the door and inserting wooden shims on either side of the frame to create a resistance similar to that of a standard lockset.  To increase or decrease resistance simply insert more or less shims until the desired strength is achieved. The BD-1s are made to order so please contact our office for more information about to place your order. 

    970-215-6969 or steelops@live.com

    - Actively used by various Law Enforcement and Training Agencies 

    -Comes Powder Coated Black

    - Includes all necessary plates, does not include attachment hardware for plates, shims, or wooden door blank