• CAT Gen 7 Tourniquet


    CAT Gen 7 Combat Application Tourniquet

    Regarded as one of the best pre-hospital tourniquets, the CAT Gen 7 has been proven by the US Army Institute of Medical Research to occlude 100% of blood flow to an extremity.  The improved strength of the windlass and clip combined with a free-moving internal band ensures true reliable circumferential pressure to the extremity using only single hand application techniques.  To ensure one hand application success we recommend pre-staging the TQ with a hoop slightly larger than your thigh.  To apply under stress place the TQ around the extremity at the highest point where it intersects the groin or shoulder.  Pull the slack tight and thread through the windlass retention clip.  Turn the windlass until bleeding has stopped then insert into the retention clip.  Secure the windlass with the velcro retention strip and note time of application.      

    Weight: 3oz

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