QuikClot Combat Gauze


QuikClot Combat Gauze - 3" x 12ft Hemostatic Dressing

This vacuum sealed and z-folded sterile gauze has a hemostatic agent (koalin) to help control bleeding.  This inert mineral has no animal proteins or botanicals which lowers the risk of allergic reaction and produces no heat unlike some other agents.  The gauze also features a blue band woven into the fabric that is detectable under x-ray to ensure doctors are able to identify its presence in deeper wound cavities.  Combined with proper application techniques this gauze can be used to quickly control traumatic hemorrhaging particularly at application sites where tourniquets and chest seals are ineffective.  This product has been recommended as the number one hemostatic agent by the Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care and is carried by all branches of the US Military.    

Weight: .9oz

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