• DT6 Dueling Tree


    Let the fun begin. The DT6 dueling tree is a six target system with flippers that rotate 180 degrees when hit. The target includes six of the HFR Hostage Flippers, and yes, these are the same flippers used on other target systems so everything is compatible. Simply drop the flippers into the tubes on the back and you're ready to shoot. The target uses the same standard post as the T1, T3R and T3RX.  Utilizing the tree itself, the user drives the post into the ground using the tree as post setter.  Set-Up takes about 60 seconds. The target includes the angle iron post. The standard post comes with two attachment points for the KISS Racks. There are three versions of the tree. The standard version (pictured) has 3/8" AR-550 flippers and a mild steel tree. We sell a "Light Duty" version for calibers such as 22LR or 22 Mag which uses 1/4" AR-500 flippers and a mild steel tree. These lighter flippers allow smaller calibers to spin the flippers. We also offer an Armored Tree option which covers the tree with the same great AR-550 that we use on the flippers. All parts are powder coated black. 


    Flippers: Qty 6 -  6" Round - 3/8" AR-550 Steel (Standard & Armored Tree) or 1/4" AR-500 (Light Duty)

    Target Stands Approx 5' Tall when set-up

    *Certain variations of this target utilize features covered under Pat No. 10,132,599