• Flat Plate

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    The Flat Plate exceeds Level III standards and is capable of stopping 148 grain 7.62mm at a velocity of 2750 fps (.308 caliber). It is also rated to stop the common M855 Steel Core Armor Penetrator 5.56 round from only 15 away.  The 10"x12" Flat Plate will fit inside most standard plate carriers or back packs and weighs about as much as two textbooks (Want lighter? Want better protection? See our XP Pro Plate!).  The plate features an advanced coating called Arma Coating which is used on the bottom of MRAP military vehicles to control shrapnel.  This coating has been tested effective at encapsulating 99% of bullet fragments from up to 15 rounds of Steel Core 5.56 at only 15ft!  We don't offer "Base Coats" or "Build Up Coats" because all of our armor receives a full 200 mil coating. Our standard coating is the same thickness as other company's "Build-Up Coats".  

    Watch Steel Core 5.56 test video HERE

    Watch 5 round Steel Core 5.56 test video HERE

    Watch 7.62x39 test video HERE


    124 Grain 9mm FMJ & SHP @ 10ft - 1000 fps 

     55 Grain FMJ 5.56 @ 30ft  - 2875 fps

     62 Grain Steel Core 5.56 LAP (Green Tip) @ 15ft - 2800 fps

     123 Grain Lead Core 7.62x39 @ 15ft - 2700 fps

     148 Grain Lead Core 7.62x51 (.308) @ 50ft - 2750 fps

    SPECIFICATIONS (Same ratings and coating as our standard Pro Plate)

    10" x 12" Flat Plate, FULL Ballistic Coating, AR-500 Steel Panel, Finished thickness of ~9/16" 

    ​Weight: 8.3lbs per plate

    Rating: III+ (exceeds NIJ Level III)

    Coating Specs: New "Arma Coat" - Strikeface ~200 mils, Backside ~63 mils