• HFR Hostage Flipper


    This is our most popular target accessory. This flipper will work with the T3RX-T3, T3RX-IPSC, T3R, and DT6 Dueling tree, and each one is compatible between all those systems.  Simply drop the flipper between the two keeper tabs on the back of the target and into the flipper tube, then rotate 90 degrees.  No Tools or hardware required. The flipper will swing 180 degrees back and forth when hit.  Product is powder coated black. The standard flipper is made of 3/8" AR-550 Steel, however we do offer a light duty 1/4" AR-500 version for those who only intend to fire rim fire cartridges such as 22LR or 22 Mag. These lighter cartridges may not spin the heavier flippers.


    PLATE: 6" Round - 3/8" AR-550 (Standard) or 1/4" AR-500 (light duty) 

    ARM: 1/2" Cold Rolled Solid Steel Rod

    Standard Flipper is designed for 5.56, 7.63x39, .308, and handguns.

    Light Duty is designed for 22LR or 22 Mag only 

    Larger calibers or higher velocity rounds are not recommended

    *Note* The HFR Flipper is designed to be a wear and tear item similar to break pads on a car. They are designed to be replaced periodically. This ensures the main target system is not damaged over time.  Many other target companies do not design their systems this way, and the flippers end up wearing out the main target system, thus creating an expensive replacement.  We have designed this item to be easy and affordable to replace.  Flipper lifespan will depend greatly on the calibers and distances you use.  There is no guaranteed round count or lifespan for these flippers.  Generally speaking you should be able to get 500+ rounds on one flipper if you follow the recommended use.  Please see the product details tab below.  If it appears your flipper is bending or pitting you are shooting too close or with too large of caliber.