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    The Fur Missile

    Due to popularity the K9 No Shoot is now a standard production item with no lead times.  Over recent years there have been numerous incidents of handlers inadvertently shooting their K9 partners while the dog is on.  Its generally accepted that this is a result of inadequate training and a misunderstanding of just how difficult these shots can be even at close range.  This target provides a realistic representation of these scenarios and can be configured to make these shots easier or more difficult.  Numerous K9 Training Academies have been buying these from us for years, and now they're available to everyone.  While the goal is obviously not to hit these, the K9 No Shoot is made of the same AR550 steel that all our other targets share so that they can be reused over and over.  Each set-up comes with post that drives into the ground similar to our other systems as well as the grade 9 bolt for attachment to the post.  With this single bolt system the shooter can also quickly spin, rotate, and replace the shooting surface as needed.  The beauty of this system is that by driving the post further into the ground and spinning the target you can quickly change from a more upright "standing" attack to a lower ground level bite.  The K9 No Shoot is designed to work with well with the T3RX-T3 however it can certainly be configured to work with the T3RX-IPSC  or even T5 target.  All parts are powder coated tan for durability and rust prevention.  Train effectively to protect not just your best friend, but likely your largest tactical investment.


    Shooting Surface: 3/8" AR-550 Steel - RIFLE RATED

    Silhouette Sold Separately, see drop down tab to add a T3RX-T3 and take $15 off. 

    ​K9 Shape: ~36" Long x 16" Wide 

    Targets Stands Approx 5' 10" Tall when set-up

    Post is included. Post is not armor and may be damaged if hit.

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