• KISS Racks


    These racks are designed to fit inside the tube(s) on the back of all target posts.  The standard posts included with the T3RX, DT6 and T1 targets have two attachment points for these racks.  The small posts for T2, T4, T5 targets have one attachment point.  Simply drop one rack into each tube, and then hang up to two gongs per rack.  The weight of the gong will keep the rack in place. No Tools or hardware required.  Product is powder coated black.

    ***NOTE*** When buying/using gongs on the KISS Racks it is recommended that you use the same size gong on each side of each rack. Using a larger gong on one side will cause the rack to sit uneven. Racks are not armored and may bend or break if hit. They are made from Cold Rolled Steel and may be re-straightened multiple times without cracking. 


    3/8" Cold Rolled Solid Steel Rod

    16" Long, 3" Wide, 3" Tall 

    Installs into post with no tools or hardware, uses the weight of the target to stay in place.

    ​All Steel Ops target posts come with one or two tubes for these brackets