Modular CQB Panels - Set


The new modular CQB Panels provide a quick, lightweight, and durable solution for those needing to set-up close quarter scenarios and work on footwork, threshholds, and movement in and out of structures.  These panels feature a powder coated square tube steel frame with UV resistant corrugated plastic panels. The panels interlock into one another at each end and can adapt to terrain changes of up to 2" per panel.  The panels come in either indoor or outdoor configurations.  The outdoor panels have a stake built-in to the bottom of the panel that can simply be pushed into the soil.  The indoor panels come with peg stands that slide into the bottom of the panels to provide side-to-side stability.  These panels can be reconfigured quickly to provide a near infinite amount of possible layouts including corners, corridors, rooms, closets, and entry ways. The eleven panel kit comes with the steel frames, the pre-cut plastic paneling, and screws for attaching the plastic to the frames.  These eleven panels will provide you with one 12ftx12ft room and an open space to simulate a doorway.  For more questions about the panels feel free to contact our office at 970-568-1191 

Individual Panel Specs: 4ft wide x 6ft tall x 1.1" thick, approx 18lbs per panel (198lbs per set)

***Shipping fees can be waived for pick up directly from our facility. PLease contact us prior to placing and order if you wish to pick up your panels directly from our facility. 

Looking for in-person CQB Training from professional instructors with Special Forces backgrounds? Check out Legion Preparedness who regularly hosts classes in Fort Collins, CO at the Steel Ops facility.