• Violent Little Machine Shop Morale Patches


    Stop taking life so seriously and prove that you are the most tactical of all the operational operators with one of these awesome morale patches... Or don't, honestly we'll be fine either way.  These are brought to you by Violent Little Machine Shop, and yes they are the same price as their website so stop being cheap. 

    *All patches have hook & loop backer

    Moist (its puts the lotion on its skin)

    1-1/4" x 2"

    Standard Steel Ops Patch (its kinda boring but its shameless advertising for us)

    2" x 3" Embroidered

    Just the Tip (just for a second, just to see what it feels like)

    2" x 3" Embroidered

    Facebook Made Me Hate My Friends (only funny because its true)

    2" x 2" Leather

    This Patch Was Developed By A U.S. Navy SEAL (Its only cool if a SEAL says so, just ask, they'll tell you)

    1-1/2" x 2" Leather

    Thin Blue Line (because they don't make a donut patch)

    3/4" x 2-1/2" PVC

    Crisis Actor (always there, always ready to give an interview)

    2" x 4" Embroidered

    Drink Fight Drink (a life motto for real men)

    2" x 3" Leather

    Diabeetus (Is it a medical indicator patch or just Wilford Brimley, let the EMT's decide) 

    3-1/2" x 2-3/4" PVC