• P.D. Plate (XP & Standard Models)


    The P.D. Plates are designed to fit inside the front and back pouches on most department issued Level IIIA vests. Often there is a soft armor trauma pad in these pouches. Due to recent events it has become devastatingly obvious that in the line of duty this is not sufficient. These plates provide extra protection over critical mass and are designed with an ergonomic fit so that they can either be worn for an entire shift, or simply kept on hand for scenarios that require rifle level protection. With a full and precise layer of our most advanced ballistic coating these plates will encapsulate 99% of bullet fragments preventing extremities or fellow officers from taking debris during the fight. 

    For testing results and effective ranges please contact our office at (970)-215-6969 

    The PD Plates are available in both 1/4" AR-500 Steel or the new lighter and stronger 5mm AR-600.

    Watch a test on the standard AR-500 version HERE


    In an effort to promote the safety and security of Law Enforcement, the exact specifications and tested stopping power of these plates are made available only upon request and with verification of employment.  Contact us @ 970-215-6969 prior to ordering and we will instruct you on how to proceed.