• P.D. Plate - All Day Carry Armor



    The P.D. Plates are designed specifically for Law Enforcement to fit inside the front and back pouches on most department issued Level IIIA vests.  Often there is a soft armor trauma pad in these pouches. Due to recent events it has become devastatingly obvious that in the line of duty IIIA armor or soft trauma pads are not sufficient.  These Level III+ Rifle Rated Plates provide extra protection over critical mass and are designed with an ergonomic fit so that they can either be worn for an entire shift.  They can also be simply kept on hand for scenarios that require rifle level protection.  Utilizing the same industry leading steel armor & coating featured in our full size Plates (video below), the PD Plates have simply been reduced in size to work inside vests that are already in service, so there is no need for a new exterior carrier.  Starting at only 3.5lbs these plates offer a light weight option for officers and provide real rifle protection without the back face deformation and blunt force trauma that comes along with soft or composite armor.  With a full and precise layer of our most advanced ballistic coating these plates will encapsulate 99% of bullet fragments preventing extremities or fellow officers from taking debris during the fight.  Its not just about stopping the bullet, its about being able to take a hit and quickly return fire. The protection level and affordability of the plates simply cannot be matched with soft or composite armor.   

    Tested effective for no penetrations and full encapsulation of the following rounds:

    .380 Auto, 9mm, .40 Cal, .45ACP, 10mm @ Point Blank 

    55gr Lead Core .223 (M193) & 62gr Steel Core 5.56 (M855) @ 10ft

    123gr Lead Core & Steel Core 7.62x39 (AK47) @ 10ft

    148gr Lead Core 7.62x51 NATO (.308) @ 60ft

    150gr 30-06 (M2 Ball) @ 60ft

    350gr .458 SOCOM @ 20ft

    1oz 12ga Slug @ 20ft

    Watch a test video of Steel Core 5.56 at 15ft HERE


    Level III+ (NIJ Level III Certified and Special Threat Rated for M193 and M855 at 10ft with 20" Platforms)

    ~3/16 AR-600 Steel Panel (Same as our XP PlatePro Plate, and Armis Plate)

    Full Ballistic Coating 200-250 Mils on Strikeface

    ~1/2" horizontal body curve at sternum level for ergonomic fit

    PD 1 - 6"x8" ~3.3lbs (+/- 5%)

    PD2 - 7"x9" ~4.1lbs (+/- 5%)

    PD3 - 7x8" ~3.3lbs (+/- 5%)


    Below is a demo video of our XP Plate. The same steel and coating is used on all PD Plates. 

    In an effort to continually improve our quality control and deliver a more thorough product all armor plates manufactured after January 1st, 2018 will have a "core test sample point" on the back of the plate. This sample point will look like a small 1/8" hole in the coating on the backside of the plate located within a square on the label. This is not a hole in the steel and you will be able to see raw steel inside. This is not a flaw and this hole is intentional.  This sample point is part of an exhaustive quality control process to ensure that our coating, the steel, and the bonding properties between the two are correct.  Although the coating does not entirely envelope the plate, this sample point does not in any way impact the durability, stopping power, fragmentation control, or overall effectiveness.  This is simply for us to ensure that these plates are being made to our rigorous specifications.  We are proud that we have never once had to issue a recall and this is one more way to guarantee that will continue.  Should you ever find a flaw in the coating outside of the designated "core test sample point" box, please let us know. For any questions or concerns please contact our office at 970-215-6969 or by clicking here 

    Steel Ops body armor is regulated by the Office of Export Enforcement and is subject to Export Commodity Control Number 1A613 d.2 referenced in Part 774 of U.S. Commerce Control List.  Shipments outside the US will require additional fee's and qualifications. All International orders may be subject to denial or refund at Steel Ops' discretion. Waivers and Licensing are possible for certain shipments. Please contact our office prior to placing an international order otherwise your order may be canceled and or delayed.