• P.D. Plate - All Day Rifle Armor Insert


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    The P.D. Plates are designed specifically for Law Enforcement and fit inside the front and back pouches on most department issued Level IIIA vests.  Often there is soft or semi-rigid trauma pad in these pouches.  The PD plates replace the factory pad with real rifle protection.  The human body is composed of "switches" and "timers".  The heart and center chest are switches.  When these areas are hit with high speed rifle rounds or high energy shot gun slugs its "lights out", even if you're wearing 3A armor.  These Level III+ Rifle Rated Plates provide extra protection over the these critical areas.  They're designed with an ergonomic fit and can be worn for an entire shift without interfering with movement, body cams, or other gear.  At only 3-4 pounds per plate you can improve your protection without limiting mobility or causing lower back fatigue.  Easy to remove and install, the PD plate can also be simply kept in your vehicle for high risk traffic stops, building entries, barricaded suspects, or other situations that might demand rifle level protection.  With a full and precise layer of our Enhanced Ballistic Coating these plates can encapsulate 99.9% of bullet fragments preventing extremities or fellow officers from taking debris during the fight.  Utilizing the same 5mm AR600 steel as our full size plates, the PD Plate reduces back face deformation and blunt force trauma far better than kevlar, UHMWPE, or composite armor.  For officers its particularly important to remember that you're often on your own and stopping the bullet is only half the battle.  The PD Plate allows you to take a hit and still return fire, render aid, await additional units, and most importantly get home.    


    PD1: 6"x8" NIJ 0108.01 Level 3(+) Certified Steel Plate Fully Coated: 3.3lbs (+/-5%)

    PD2: 7"x9" NIJ 0108.01 Level 3(+) Certified Steel Plate Fully Coated: 4.1lbs (+/-5%)

    PD3: 7"x8" V-Tapper NIJ 0108.01 Level 3(+) Certified Steel Plate Fully Coated: 3.3lbs (+/-5%)

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    ***NOTE*** THIS IS NOT A STANDARD SIZE ARMOR PLATE. These plates are NOT designed to work inside standard 10"x12" or 8"x10" plate carriers.  These are specifically designed to fit and function inside the front trauma pouch on certain L.E. Department Issued IIIA vests.  These plates will be too small for use with most standard plate carriers.  DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THESE INSIDE STANDARD CARRIERS AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO A FULL SIZE PLATE OR STANDARD SIDE PLATES.  RETURNS OR EXCHANGES FOR IMPROPER USE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.