• Pro Plate


    Worn by the Prepared, Designed to Protect, Build to Prevail

    The Pro Plate is the middle ground between the Armis and XP by offering a 10x12 plate but additional tappers at the corners to eliminate weight and improve two handed draws with a handgun. The "swimmer's cut" shape now features our Tri-Curve fit which not only improves how the plate sits against the chest but also distributes weight across muscle mass to decrease "felt weight".  As of January 4th, 2021 this plate is now dual certified with a stand alone NIJ 0101.06 Level 3 Certification while using 5mm AR-600 steel that is also NIJ 0108.01 Level 3 Certified.  All of our armor is special threat rated (+) to stop both M193 and M855 at 3100fps.  Our Enhanced Ballistic Coating is applied at a full thickness, no base coats, using a proprietary steel preparation method ensuring unparalleled encapsulation of fragmentation and has proven capable of containing over 3000 grains of ammunition on a single plate.   


    NIJ 0101.06 & 0108.01 Level 3(+) Certified 10"x12" Tri-Curve 5mm AR-600 "Swimmer's Cut" Fully Coated: 6.6 lbs (+/-5%)
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    *International orders outside the Continental US must contact us prior to placing an order