• Pro Plate


    The newly redesigned Pro Plate exceeds Level III standards and is capable of stopping 148 grain 7.62mm at a velocity of 2750 fps as well as higher velocity threats such as 62 grain Steel Core 5.56 at 2900 fps. The Pro Plate can be used as a front or back plate and will fit inside most standard plate carriers.  This plate comes standard with a 9/16" body curve for ergonomic fit, and tappers at all corners for "shooters cut" movement and shouldering. The plate features a our GT ADVANCED BALLISTIC COATING which is used to control shrapnel.  This coating has been tested effective at encapsulating 99% of bullet fragments from up to 15 rounds of Steel Core 5.56 at only 15ft!  We don't offer "Base Coats" or "Build Up Coats" because all of our armor receives a full 200 mil coating. Our standard coating is the same thickness as other company's "Build-Up Coats".  


    124 Grain 9mm FMJ & SHP @ 10ft  

     55 Grain FMJ 5.56 @ 30ft 

     62 Grain Steel Core 5.56 LAP (Green Tip) @ 15ft 

     123 Grain Lead Core 7.62x39 @ 15ft

    124 Grain Steel Core 7.62x39 @ 15ft  

     148 Grain Lead Core 7.62x51 (.308) @ 50ft


    10" x 12" Pro Plate, 9/16" body curve, tappered "shooters cut", AR-500 Steel Panel, Finished thickness of ~1/2" 

    ​Weight: 7.75.lbs per plate

    Rating: III+ (exceeds NIJ Level III)

    Coating Specs: GT Advanced Ballistic Coating - Strikeface ~200 mils, Backside ~63 mils

    In an effort to continually improve our quality control and deliver a more thorough product, all armor plates manufactured after January 1st, 2018 will have a "core test sample point" on the back of the plate. This sample point will look like a small 1/16" hole in the coating on the backside of the plate located within a square on the label. You may be able to see raw steel inside this small hole. This is not a flaw and this hole is intentional.  This sample point is part of an exhaustive testing process to ensure that our coating, the steel, and the bonding properties between the two are correct.  This sample point does not in any way impact the durability, stopping power, fragmentation control, or overall effectiveness.  This is simply for us to ensure that these plates are being made to our rigorous specifications.  We are proud that we have never once had a plate not meet the quality and performance standards listed, and this is one more way to guarantee that will continue.  Should you ever find a flaw in the coating outside of the designated "core test sample point" box, please let us know. For any questions or concerns please contact our office at 970-215-6969 or by clicking here: https://shop.steelops.com/contact