• PT-2 Paint Template


    These larger spray paint templates turn your T3RX-T3 target into the perfect platform for training and drills. Simply hang the template on your target and spray with your favorite color. Remove the template and now you have a variety of points to shoot at. Use multiple colors on the "shapes" style and do call-out drills with a partner. For competition shooters use the "IPSC Full" or "Zones" to brush up before your next match. These are made from galvanized metal so they wont rust if washed or cleaned. Specify which style when ordering

    *Note - These are meant for use with the with the T3RX-T3 Targets, however they can be used on other targets. 

    "SHAPES" - Circles, Squares and Rectangles 

    "IPSC FULL" - Entire IPSC Shape cut out

    "IPSC ZONES" - Each individual Zone in the IPSC shape is cut out


    14ga Galvanized Sheet Metal 

    2 lbs

    Hangs on Target and creates a spray paint stencil.