• NEW! - RF-1 Plinker


    The new RF-1 Plinker is was created to provide younger entry-level shooters with the enjoyment of shooting steel at a minimal cost.  We didn't cheap-out on the steel though, this is some of the hardest steel in the industry.  The 5" wide tear-drop shaped target is made of high grade 3/16" AR-600 armor plate and it comes with the hook shown.  This keeps the weight and cost down but provides you with a target that you'll enjoy for thousands of rounds.  Set up is easy - Simply stake the hook into the ground (you can use the target as a hammer if needed!) and then hang the target on the hook.  You'll not only get a nice "ring" but the target will also swing giving the shooter instant feedback on a successful hit.  Since the target swings backwards when hit the debris from the round will safely be directed down and away from the shooter.  These targets to be used safely as close as 10 yards away with appropriate calibers.  The RF-1 is great for parents who may be concerned with using human shaped targets to train younger shooters.  Getting a new shooter comfortable to the recoil of shotgun? These targets are perfect for that and mimic the size of s clay pigeon.  Using .410 and 20ga shotguns with #7 & #8 lead shot will not damage the target. 


    ***NOTE*** This target is designed for rimfire or light shotgun calibers only

    Acceptable calibers include: 22 Short, 22LR, 22 WMR - .410 and 20ga shotguns with #7 or #8 lead shot

    Never use steel core or center fire rifle/handgun cartridges on this target

    Shooting Surface: 3/16" AR-600 Steel - 5" Wide x 6" tall

    Target & Stand come powder coated orange

    Targets Stands Approx 16"-18" when set-up

    Hook is included and is made from 3/8" cold rolled steel. Hook is not armor and may bend if hit.

    22 Short - 10 yards

    22LR - 10 yards

    22WMR - 10 yards

    .410 w/ #7 or #8 lead shot - 15 yards

    20ga w/ #7 or #8 lead shot - 15 yards