• S2 Target Stand


    The S2 was originally designed for the Department of Homeland Security. It is expandable and can handle cardboard pieces up to 36" wide. This stand is ideal for creating barricades or visual barriers during drills. It uses 2x2 wood posts so that the posts can be rotated 4 times before they need to be replaced. Heavy duty T-Handle locking bolts are more durable and give the user more torque. All edges and corners of the frame have been beveled so there are no sharp places to kneel or catch on. Each leg has a hole for stakes so that the stand will function in high wind or on hills.  Product is powder coated black. Does not include wood posts or X-Post.


    Mild Steel Tube Frame 

    ​28" wide, holds 2x2 wood posts at 0"-36" on center

    24" legs (12" of support on each side)

    Holes in legs for stakes

    Three post tubes with locking bolts