• S4 Stand Target Stand

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    The S4 was originally designed exclusively for Reid Henrichs and the Valor Ridge Training Academy, however it is now available to shooters everywhere. This simple stand fixes all the problems that common H-Frame stands have. It stakes into the ground so it will not fall over on hills or in high wind. It uses 2x4 lumber which is far more common and far more durable when hit than 1x2 or 2x2 lumber. The L-Angle structure deflects rounds when hit, and the ergonomic T-Handle bolts are easy to turn even when rusted. The stand holds the 2x4 posts at 24" on center so even large pieces of cardboard can be used to create barricades. This stand is perfect for instructors and academies. Product is powder coated black.


    A36 Mild Steel Tube and L-Angle 

    ​28" wide, holds two 2x4 posts & 24"+ Cardboard Targets