• Side Plate Set


    "Your Little Side Piece"

    The 6"x6" Side Plates are sold as a set.  Each plate comes standard with a ~3/8" body curve and are made with NIJ 0108.01 Level 3 Certified 5mm AR-600 steel.  Each side plate has the same protection level as our ArmisXP Plate or Pro Plate and exceeds Level III capabilities with a special threat rating for M855 & M193 at 3100fps.  With a full layer of our Enhanced Ballistic Coating each plate is capable of encapsulating 99% of bullet fragments from Steel Core 5.56 at only 10ft!  We don't offer "Base Coats" or "Build Up Coats" because all of our armor receives a full 200 mil coating which is the same thickness as other company's "Build-Up Coats".  


    One Set of 6"x6" NIJ 0108.01 Level 3(+) Certified 5mm AR-600 Steel Plates Fully Coated: 3lbs each, total of 6lbs (+/-5%)

    Click HERE for more specifications, information, and videos

    NOTE: As of 12-1-19 we have discontinued the 4"x6" side plates. 
    These plates were originally designed for smaller side plate pouches which have become uncommon.  Custom side plates are available with 4-6 week lead time. Please call our office for more information.