• SNP-1 Popper


    Stake & Shoot Popper

    The SNP-1 was custom designed by Legion Preparedness which is a training academy in Colorado operated by instructors with Special Forces backgrounds.  This target is intended to be a rapid-set-up, easily movable target with clear audio feedback and positive impact identification at short to medium distances.  It utilizes a premium AR-550 steel which allows it to be used with handguns at as close as 15 yards or rifles such as 5.56/.308 as close as 50 yards.  Set-up on the target is as fast as it gets, simply throw the target at the ground and the weight will drive the spikes into even the thickest Colorado clay.  The strike surface and mounting bracket are made from armor plate so even stray rounds won't hurt this system.  The ultra hard Grade 9 Shaker bolts can withstand substantially harder abuse than typical Grade 8's.  The system comes with a rubber grommet placed between the mounting bracket and shooting surface to allow for reliable audio feedback when the strike face is hit.  This grommet also give the target a noticeable sway when impacted visual confirmation of a hit.  Check out the set-up video below to see how fast these work, and if you'd like to try these targets out in person check out the classes offered by Legion Preparedness


    Shooting Surface & Mounting Plate: 3/8" AR-550 Steel - RIFLE RATED

    Hardware - 5/8"x11 Grade 9 Shaker Screen Bolts, 1-1/4" EPDM Rubber Grommet, Nylon Locking Nut

    Strike face: 41" Tall x 12" wide at center, head is 8" wide x 9" tall, bottom tapers from 10" wide to 6"

    Targets Stands Approx 40"-42" tall when set-up properly

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