• SR-1 Vehicle Rack


    Your Gear... Where It Needs to Be

    The newly redesigned SR-1 is an innovative product that allows you to hang your plate carrier on the back of your vehicle seat.  It provides convenient access to your carrier and its contents quickly in the event of an engagement.  Most importantly because of the unique positioning of the rack it also provides rear ballistic protection to occupant of the seat.  Install is easy and takes less than 1 minute.  Simply remove your head rest, place the rack over the head rest holes, reinstall the head rest, and set the shaft collars & set screws so as to lock the rack into place. The included velcro strap cinches the carrier into place to prevent swinging. To remove the carrier simply undo the velcro strap and slide the shoulder straps off the hooks.  This new design accommodates nearly any size carrier in both minimalist or full-load-out configurations. The strap can be moved vertically so that maximum tension can be placed in the correct location on the carrier. The rack is powder coated black for durability and  is free of sharp edges that might damage upholstery.  The days of storing your carrier under a seat or in the trunk are over.


    3/8" Cold Rolled Forged Bent Steel

    ~2lbs - 16" tall x 10" wide x 8" deep

    Verify Your Vehicle Compatibility:

    Head rest must be removable. Head rest posts must be no more than 8-3/4" wide.  Distance from head rest posts to back of seat must not exceed 3". Contact our office for help verifying if your vehicle will work.  We can perform custom modifications to the rack prior to shipment. 

    Carriers, plates, and pouches sold separately