Steel Armor Myths

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A full list of myths about steel armor based largely on steel plates from 20 years ago.  This awesome display of ignorance was created in partnership between armor companies who offer overpriced products that frequently fail quality control measures and the online shills they paid to promote said products.  It is endorsed heavily by meme page admins and reddit trap lords, but can also be found in social media comments from people who's knowledge is derived from hours of never testing armor and knowing nothing about ballistics.  While literally every item on this list has been extensively disproven, we offer it here for consumption by only the smoothest of brains.  

Myth #1. Steel Armor creates fragmentation (Fact: not when its done right, see the mountain of videos proving it)

Myth #2. Steel Armor is the heaviest type of armor (Fact: its middle of the road, our lightest full-size plate is 6lbs.  100% ceramic is by far the heaviest often coming in over 8lbs per plate. 100% UHMWPE is the lightest but fails to stop M855 and won't pass the new RF2 rating)

Myth #3. Steel has bad blunt force trauma (Fact: Using ballistic clay, NIJ labs have confirmed steel has some of the lowest backface deformation. Energy from impacts is dispersed across the entire plate resulting in some of the lowest localized blunt force trauma)

Myth #4. No one uses steel armor (Fact: Literally hundreds of thousands of professionals use it every day across the globe.  We've stayed in business for over a decade by selling things)

Myth #5. It'll get ya killed in da streets (Fact: There are hundreds of saves using steel body armor in both domestic combat and international warfare dating all the way back to the 1990's)

For a discount on this product please email a single verified report or case from the last 20 years where the wearer of a steel armor plate incurred life threatening injuries from fragmentation or blunt force trauma after the plate was impacted.