• T3R

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    The T3R is the same shape as the T3RX-T3, except it is a handgun only target system.  It still uses 3/8" AR-550 Steel but it is designed strictly for use with handgun calibers. It features a non-replaceable shooting surface that is welded to the support system. This welding is done in a water pan using a unique process that bonds the two grades of steel together while also keeping the plate cool so that heat has minimal affect on the hardness. Also welded to the target are attachment points for the HFR Hostage Flipper. The target uses the same standard post as all other T series and Dueling Tree Targets. The target features the Steel Ops Patent Pending design which uses the target itself to drive the post into the ground. A carry handle makes transport and lifting easy. Set-Up takes about 30 seconds. The target includes the angle iron post with two attachment points for the KISS Racks so that you can hang up to four gongs below the target.  All parts are powder coated black. WATCH THE SET-UP VIDEO HERE


    Shooting Surface: 3/8" AR-550 Steel - Handgun Use Only

    T3 Shape: 16" wide x 27" tall x 3/8" Thick

    Targets Stands Approx 5' 10" Tall when set-up

    Hostage Flipper, Racks, and Gongs sold separately

    22LR, 22 Mag, 380 Auto, 9mm, 38 Special, .357, 40 Cal, 45 Auto, 10mm

    Post is included. Post is not armor and may be damaged if hit.