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    The Vanquish - Making versatility standard

    This top of the line professional kit is our most advanced carrier system and it is actively used by SWAT Teams across the US.  This system allows you to build your own kit with the features you want and none of the stuff you don't.  The Vanquish is a completely modular system that redefines what a carrier system should be.  All pieces of the kit can be purchased together using the drop down menus or can be added later individually thru our carrier accessories category.  If you're serious about winning the fight the Vanquish is an optimal choice.    

    STEP 1: Select the color of your base carrier and all the following accessories. The base carrier itself is a light weight system that comes with a light duty Q.D. Cummerbund, VAS QD Buckles, radio/hydration line straps, velcro panels, front map pouch, and molle webbing. "Steel Ops" velcro patch included with the base carrier.

    STEP 2: Select if you want the removable MAP Pouch zipper which attaches to the velcro inside the MAP Pouch on the base carrier. 

    STEP 3: The base carrier comes standard with a QD cummerbund. If you wish to have Side Plate Pouches you need to add the velcro Removable Cummerbund. This added cummerbund also provides additional room for exterior mounted pouches like the EMT Pouch or Radio/Suppressor Pouch.

    STEP 4: Select if you want to add the Side Plate Armor Pouches. Keep in mind these can also be used for storage if you don't want to wear side plates! These simply attach to the inside of the Removable Cummerbund listed in option 4.

    STEP 5: Select if you want the Triple M4/Pistol Mag Pouch or the Triple M4/Quad Pistol panel that clips into the VAS QD Buckles on the base plate carrier. These panels will hold up three 30 round M4 mags and 3-4 Pistol Mags.

    STEP 6: Adjust your quantity to outfit your entire squad!

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    Need Armor too?

    This kit is compatible with the Pro Plate, XP Plate, or our new Costa Ludus Armis plate for either front or back armor.  

    Watch the New XP Plate Demo Video HERE

    Carrier alone is not ballistic rated

    Base Carrier Weight: ~1lb 

    Weight with all accessories: ~2lbs 

    Below is a video explaining the features and assembly of this kit

    In an effort to continually improve our quality control and deliver a more thorough product all armor plates manufactured after January 1st, 2018 will have a "core test sample point" on the back of the plate. This sample point will look like a small 1/8" hole in the coating on the backside of the plate located within a square on the label. This is not a hole in the steel and you will be able to see raw steel inside. This is not a flaw and this hole is intentional.  This sample point is part of an exhaustive quality control process to ensure that our coating, the steel, and the bonding properties between the two are correct.  Although the coating does not entirely envelope the plate, this sample point does not in any way impact the durability, stopping power, fragmentation control, or overall effectiveness.  This is simply for us to ensure that these plates are being made to our rigorous specifications.  We are proud that we have never once had to issue a recall and this is one more way to guarantee that will continue.  Should you ever find a flaw in the coating outside of the designated "core test sample point" box, please let us know. For any questions or concerns please contact our office at 970-215-6969 or by clicking here 
    Steel Ops body armor is regulated by the Office of Export Enforcement and is subject to Export Commodity Control Number 1A613 d.2 referenced in Part 774 of U.S. Commerce Control List.  Shipments outside the US will require additional fee's and qualifications. All International orders may be subject to denial or refund at Steel Ops' discretion. Waivers and Licensing are possible for certain shipments. Please contact our office prior to placing an international order otherwise your order may be canceled and or delayed.