• XPC SWAT Kit - Level III+


    This is what we call the full set up. The XPC "SWAT" Kit was assembled on the "XPC" platform by Steel Ops for some of our local SWAT team members. When assembled this kit is ready to handle a variety of urban and rural combat scenarios and is designed specifically for those who regularly encounter high threat levels.  It includes all of the pouches shown and is Side Plate capable.  Pouches include a double M4/Pistol Kangaroo Pouch, Flashlight Pouch, Radio Pouch, Cuff Pouch, and EMT Pouch. It features an adjustable velcro cummerbund, quick disconnect shoulder straps, full front and back molle webbing, a rear drag handle, radio/hydration line straps, and front map pouch.  Law Enforcement ID panels available with proof of employment. 


    Side Plate Capable

    Available in: Black, Tan, OD Green

    Weight: With two Pro Plates ~18lbs, With two XP Plates ~19.5lbs

    Rating: "Level III+" - Exceeds NIJ Level III